WPMCA joins "Stop the COVID Spread" coalition

Wisconsin is facing a COVID-19 crisis, and we all need to work together to help get it under control. That’s why WPMCA is proud to be one of the more than 30 organizations that have joined in an effort aimed at combatting the growing public health crisis in the Badger State.

“Stop the Covid Spread!” is a coalition of Wisconsin’s leading health care, business, and advocacy organizations who have joined together to urge the public to take preventative measures seriously so that we can all continue to safely participate in Wisconsin’s economy.

The coalition recently launched our first ad campaign, including a public service announcement featuring former Wisconsin Governor, United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, and current University of Wisconsin System President Tommy Thompson. We hope that you will join us in sharing this important message: It's time to buckle down and turn this around.

You can learn more about the coalition and what all of us can do the help combat this public health crisis at: